Flotilla Staff Office: Communication Services

Purpose: Encourages use of US Coast Guard Auxiliary Information Services/Systems, designs/maintains flotilla website, and reports to Flotilla needs for website and digital communication.


  • Exercise staff responsibility and supervision over electronic communication services for the Flotilla. Keep the Flotilla informed of all developments in these areas.
  • Creates and maintains a Flotilla Website that is in full compliance with Auxiliary Web Policies.
  • Maintain personal e-mail and Internet access. Be registered in the National mail directory and keep your registration information up to date.
  • Foster interest in electronic communication among the members.
  • Encourage and facilitate the use of electronic communication throughout the Flotilla. 
  • Facilitate the information relay process between those members who have email and World Wide Web access capabilities and those members who do not yet have such access to electronic media.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with the Flotilla Staff Office for Publications (FSO-PB) and the Flotilla Staff Officer for Public Affairs (FSO-PA) to ensure that both electronic and printed media are used to their fullest extent in providing information to the membership and to the boating public.
  • Serve as Flotilla WebWatcher. Monitor all Auxiliary email Nets and the Auxiliary National Website for important information.
  • Ensure that such information reaches the appropriate elected and staff officers for general membership in a timely fashion.
  • Regularly monitor your local District, Division, and Flotilla Websites for official information posted for members by elected or staff officers.
  • Regularly attend Flotilla Meetings and report on official information obtained from the Web to members who do not have access to electronic media.
  • Maintain close liaison with the Division Communication Services Officer (SO-CS) and provide them with a monthly activity report.