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Many fine things happen in our flotilla and those who are responsible don't always get the recognition and thanks that they deserve. If you know someone that you think needs to be recognized, please drop me an e-mail and let me know who did what so that I can put their good deed here.Kudos

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Congratulatione are again in order to the new FC and VFC of the Whittier Flotilla.

2014 Flotilla Commander- James Hendley

2014 Vice Flotilla Commander- William ReiterAuxiliary bar



Posted 11/17/2013

Congratulations are in order for the New Flotilla Commander and Vice Flotilla Commander of the Whittier Flotilla.

2013 Flotilla Commander- James( Jim) Hendley

2013 Vice Flotilla Commander- William (Bill) Reiter


Another smooth transition of leadership in the Whittier Flotilla. Stewart Sterling and Bill Morris have done a great job this past year in the respective positions. The newly elected will be sworn in and take office at the January membership meeting.

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posted 4/10/2012


Nice Job!!! Dave Brubaker and other members of the Whittier Flotilla for turning out a well organized Shorebased Training on April 7th. Thanks to all the mentors that participated in this years event. Thanks to all those who aspire to the Boat Crew Program and who attended this annual event for the opportunity to demonstrate your learned skills for sign off and to learn other skills in pursuit of your goals.

Special thanks to Bill Holzheimer for providing us with a place to hold this important event.

Hope to be seeing you all on the water this summer.


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Posted 12/29/2011


Jim Hendley

2011 Auxiliarist of the Year- James Hendley

At the December 10, 2011 change of watch Roy Stoddard, on behalf of Rick Sparenga, presented the Auxiliarist of the Year award to Jim Hendley.
Jim while a student of the Fall 2010 Boating Skills and Seamanship class indicated that he was interested in joining, teaching and volunteering in a big way with the Auxiliary.  His statement at the time was “I can do that.”  Jim joined the flotilla January 12, 2011.  Since then he lost no time in gaining qualifications.  In less than a year Jim passed the Administrative Procedures Course and qualified as a boat crewman, vessel examiner and instructor.  In 2012 Jim will be FSO for the Public Education and the Vessel Examiner programs in hope of passing the Public Education work onto another auxiliarist.  Vessel Exams are Jim’s primary interest in the auxiliary.


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Posted 12/13/2011

Thanks for a Great Year

Immediate Past Flotilla Commander Mark Parmelee at the December change of watch ceremony thanked all 17 Flotilla Staff Officers and Vice Flotilla Commander Stewart Sterling.  Certificates of Appreciation were presented in addition to Stewart to Tom Kane, Sue Whitney, John Whitney, Cathey Sterling, Scott Thorsell, Deanna Barbarick, Dave Brubaker, Bethany Kindrick, Bill Reiter, James Hendley, Jean Holzheimer, Katie Parmelee, Kevin Combs, Ross Blaker, Samuel Warner, Terry Stoddard, and Sylvia Condy.

Recognition was also given for earlier certificates issued to Nancy Harvey for finger printing, Kathy Lyday for the roster, Tom Kane for the Boating Skills and Seamanship Class and Bill and Linda for boat taxi service in June of this year.

A second set of certificates were issued to Bethany Kindrick and Jared Nelson for assisting at the ACES for Military Appreciation Night,  Debra Vanderbilt for fellowship services, Roy Stoddard for remembering the Whittier Flotilla among all the other Alaska Auxiliarists, Jim Chase for service as the Division 2 Commander, Yvone Chase for taking meeting minutes when some of the Parmelee’s left for spring break, Rhonda Corlson for volunteering to coordinate the Anchor Aweigh Boat Show, Linda Shogren for public affairs work, Kathy and Russ Lyday for hosting our Boating Skills and Seamanship classes, Bob Harvey for showing us how to retire from being a Flotilla Staff Officer and for helping Jean, Lieutenant Anderson for assisting the Auxiliary in his many functions and Captain Fosdick for  “Agreeing with Dave Brubaker to make crew operations more fun in 2012.”



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posted Apr 18,2011


Kudo's to Paula Krebs
Paula Paula Paula

Flotilla Commander Mark Parmelee presents Paula Krebs with an engraved paddle commemerating 20 years as an instructor of Recreational Boating Safety Courses.

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Kudo's to Dave Brubaker

At this years District Conference

Among other things, Dave was awarded for being the Lead Instructor of 2010, Div 2.

He was awarded the Outstanding Auxiliarist of the year for 2010, Div 2..

He took home the Captain Samuel Gill Award for most patrol hours as a coxswain.

Dave Award 1 Dave Award 2


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posted Nov. 10, 2010

Congratulations and kudos to Mark Parmelee our new Flotilla Commander and Stewart Sterling our new Vice Flotilla Commander. Thanks for stepping up to the plate and taking on these duties.

Thank You Cathey Sterling our Immediate past Flotilla Commander and Bob Renke our Vice Flotilla Commander for 2010. Thanks for all your hard work in moving our flotilla ever forward.

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posted Aug 17,2010

A mariner called Sector Anchorage to let them know that they had their boat towed by Auxiliarists Russ and Kathy Lyday. They told the Auxiliary Liason that the Lydays were courteous, professional and very knowedgable about safely towing their boat. They were thankful that the Auxiliary was there to help them.

Bravo Zulu Russ and Kathy.

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posted Aug 17, 2010

The summer , if you can call all these wet days summer, has been rather busy for the Whittier Flotilla. our members have volunteered many hours to delivering the Safe Boating Message to our community and the folks along the Yukon. The following members deserve are applause for the fine job they have done in the following events.


Operation Big Lake..... Cathey and Stewart Sterling, Tom Kane and Allie Ferko.


Yukon Coastie Expedition....... Tom Kane and Allie Ferko.


The Cardboard Regatta.......Roy and Terry Stoddard, Rae De Ley, Sylvia Condy, Bill Morris and Linda Shogren.


Arctic Thunder ....... Rae De Ley, Claude Barker and Pete Mulcahy.


Whittier Station Watch Standing...... Jim Chase has spent every Saturday except one at the Caboose Watch Standing.



Thank You for being active volunteers in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and in the Whittier Flotilla in particular.

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posted July 25,2010


Tom Kane is back from the Yukon Coastie trip.

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posted July 25, 2010


Kudos to Rae De Ley for her participation in the Municipality of Anchorage's Reading Rendevous Event. She and Dean Terencio operated Coastie at the event which was attended by 2000 people of all ages.

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posted June 1, 2010


Kudos, Kudos, Kudos


The ordeal of recertifying all of the safeboat Coxswains and Crew to the new 25 foot SAFEboat is nearly complete. We tried and succeeded in getting all this work done prior to the regular boating season so that it would not interfere with the things that need to be done during the rest of summer. The first four weekends of May were used to accomplish the task. I want to thank all of the crew people who came out during this time to re certify and I hope you enjoy the new boat and have a safe and fun time whenever you are on it.

Going above and beyond in this effort were some essential key players, without whom this effort would not have succeeded.


Thank you to Stewart Sterling for the herculean effort of training all the crew people who came down. He went to the Academy in Valdez. He was there in Whittier on Saturdays and Sundays of all four weekends of May and patiently mentored everyone. This was so demanding because Crew people had to train on the boat over a several day period to absorb all the new material and do the towing, pacing and handling evolutions and because he trains with professional care and attention to detail. Everyone caught a break when OTO Gardner announced that a QE check ride would not be necessary, which shortened the overall time per person to get certified. He also notified people in advance of each weekend and tried to line up trainees and scheduled their training times all while working a full time job.

Thank you to Cathey Sterling who came down every weekend with Stewart. As one of the first to certify, she was able to crew for Stewart and also be OPFAC crew on the Dolci when necessary.

Thank you to Dave Brubaker, without whom a lot less would get done in this flotilla, for taking us all to Valdez to the Coxswain Academy and for acting as crew on the 25 footer during these training weekends while continuing to be Sectors go to person for incident management, which sometimes happened in the middle of the night and lasted all night.


It is great to have such dedicated Auxiliarists in our flotilla, massive thanks to all of you.Auxiliary bar


posted April 25, 2010

The 2010 Spring Public Education classes have successfully concluded with approximately 32 students passing through the three classes. It takes a lot of effort and people to make these classes successful and I would like to thank you all.


Kudos to

Larry Cutting, FSO-PE, Organizing, Securing accommodations and books, etc.

Rick Sparenga for Hosting for three months and Instructing multiple times, Testing and Grading, etc.

Claude Barker for Hosting and Instructing.

Russ and Kathy Lyday for their continued dedication to the PE program and for being at the classes for Support, Instructing and making everyone feel at home.


And all of the other Instructors involved in this years effort.

Mark Parmelee, Dave Brubaker, Stewart Sterling, Cathey Sterling, Tom Kane, Rae De Ley, Mel Cooper, Paula Krebs, Jim Chase, Bethany Kindricks, Dave Goldstein and Doug Burney.


Thanks also to

Linda Shogren for making flyers and advertising.

Sylvia Condy for advertising.

Roy Stoddard for purchasing charts.

Anyone who took a flyer and hung it up somewhere.

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posted April 16, 2010

Thanks to Dave Brubaker for providing a means of transportation to the eleven attendies to the Valdez Coxswain Academy. Daves boat, the "Kindred Spirit" handled all with surprising ease. The trip of six hours on the return to Whittier was on the rough side but the boat handled very well. All coxswains were trained on the use of the 255006 by OTO Gardner and the crew of Station Valdez. Tthe SAFEboat was then driven to Whittier by rotating teams from the Kindred Spirit.


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posted Feb.16, 2010

District Awards presented to members of the Whittier Flotilla at the Conference are as follows:


Cathey Sterling - "Auxiliarist of the Year"


Cathey Sterling - "Coast Guard Administrative Support Award" most hours Administrative Support to CG


Bill Morris - "Captain Samuel Gill Award" most ordered patrol hours.


William Reiter - "Larry Wheeler Award" crew member logging most patrol hours.


Linda Shogren - "Auxilliary Achievment Award' for advancement of Public Affairs programs throughout the District.


Sig Murphy - "Auxilliary Meritorious Service Award" Sig has transferred to a Texas Flotilla. This award was presented to Sig for all his District Service during the years of his membership in the Whittier Flotilla.

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posted Feb.16, 2010

Thank you Terry and Roy Stoddard for all the hard work you both always put into setting up the Annual District Conference. This years conference was another great success due to both your efforts. I know you are already making plans for next years event.

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posted Feb. 16, 2010

Thank you to all those who signed up from the Anchorage, Seward, Eagle River and Mat-Su Flotillas to man the booth at the Anchors Aweigh Boat Show at the Dena'ina Convention Center. Thanks also to Sector Anchorage for sending several representatives to the show.


A special thanks to the following members from the Whittier Flotilla who helped make the event a success for the Auxiliary.


Cathey Sterling, Roy Stoddard, Terry Stoddard, Kevin Combs, Russ Lyday,

Kathy Lyday, John Orella, Mark Parmelee, Kathy Parmelee, Sylvia Condy, Rick Sparenga, Pete Mulcahy, Sue Whitney, Claude Barker, Bob Harvey, Nancy Harvey, Bill Holzheimer, Jean Holzheimer, Jennifer Messick, Ray De Ley, Bill Morris, Lindy Shogren, Mary Southard and Tom Kane.

Booth at Boat Show

From left Stewart Sterling, Richard Fairbanks, Pat Fairbanks, ME2 Christopher LaFaiver, Admiral C.C. Colvin, Cathey Sterling. photo by Stewart Sterling

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