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Welcome to the Whittier Flotilla, 170-02-04

Boating on Prince William Sound, Alaska.



2016 Flotilla Commander- John Larsen

2016 Vice Flotilla Commannder- Roger Holland

2016 Immediate Past Flotilla Commander- William Reiter

Happy Holidays!

The Whittier Flotilla holds public meetings on the second Wednesday of every month beginning at 5: 30 PM (exceptions. no meeting in July and in December. Change of Watch happens at the first meeting of new year) See MAP


2016 Meeting Locations

1/13/2016--BP Energy Center - Birch Room

2/10/2016--BP Cafeteria

3/9/2016--BP Energy Center - Alder/Cottonwood Room

4/13/2016--BP Cafeteria

5/11/2016--BP Energy Center - Fur/Spruce/Willow Room

6/8/2016--BP Energy Center - Fur/Spruce/Willow Room

8/10/2016---BP Energy Center - Fur/Spruce/Willow Room

9/14/2016---BP Energy Center - Alder/Cottonwood Room

10/12/2016--BP Energy Center - Alder/Cottonwood Room

11/9/2016--BP Energy Center - undefined room

12/10/2016- Christmas Fellowship- UAA Den

Whittier Harbor
Caboose in previous life
Aux Caboose
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