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Flotilla Staff Officers


VFC William Reiter - Flotilla Commander
Flotilla Vice Commander John Larsen- Vice Flotilla Commander
FC James Hendley - Immediate Past Flotilla Commander




Terry Stoddard, FSO-FN


Bethany Kindrick



Tom Kane, FSO-CS

Jean Holzheimer

Jean Holzheimer,



Sue Whitney, FSO-HR


Deanna Barbarick,



Roger Holland


Jim Hendley

James Hendley



Roy Stoddard,



Dorothy Bishop



Jared Nelson,

Assistant FSO-CS Facebook and Caboose Manager


Nancy Harvey





Deanna Barbarick, Fellowship


Jim Chase



Mark Parmelee,

FSO-MT and


State Liason


Cathey Sterling, FSO-PB.



Russ Lyday




Mike Dunn



John Whitney

FSO-MS Library


Bill Reiter

Bill Reiter






Elected By Members

Flotilla Commander (FC)___________________William Reiter

Vice Flotilla Commander (VFC)______________John Larsen

IPFC (Immediate Past FC)__________________James Hendley

Appointed by Flotilla Commander

FSO-CM (Communications)______________________Bill Reiter

FSO-CS (Communication Services)________________Tom Kane

FSO-DV (Diversity)_____________________________Jim Chase

FSO-FN (Financial Services)_________________Terry Stoddard

FSO-IS (Information Services)_______________Jean Holzheimer

FSO-MA (Materials)_________________________Roy Stoddard


FSO-MS (Marine Science)____________________John Whitney

FSO-MT (Member Training)__________________Mark Parmelee

FSO-NS (Navigation Systems)________________Mike Dunn

FSO-OP (Operations)______________________Roger Holland

FSO-PA (Public Affairs)______________________Dorothy Bishop

AFSO-PA(Public Affairs_________________________Janet Hohn

FSO-PB (Publications)_____________________Cathey Sterling

FSO-PE (Public Education)_________________Jim Hendley

FSO_HR (Human Resources)_________________Sue Whitney

FSO-PV (Program Visitor)___________________Bethany Kindrick

FSO-SR (Secretary/Records)________________Deanna Barbarick

FSO-VE (Vessel Examinations)_________________Russ Lyday

Fellowship_______________________________Deanna Barbarick



Description of Staff Officer's Responsibilities

The following has been copied from the New Member Course, Chapter 4

The senior elected officer of each unit, at each level, appoints a staff. These staff officers aid in the administration of that unit. Staff officer designations show not only the staff function, but also the staff level at which the officer functions. Staff positions at the flotilla level have the prefix “ FSO-,” at the division level “ SO-,” and at the district level “ DSO-.”

Below is a list of all authorized flotilla staff officers. Also included is a brief description of the responsibility for each.

MEMBER TRAINING (FSO-MT). As the name implies, this officer is responsible for administering all training of flotilla members. This includes boat crew, instructor, and vessel examiner training. Conducting all required Operations, Instructor, and Vessel Examiner Workshops is another FSO-MT responsibility. For these, the FSO-MT must coordinate with the Operations, Public Education, and Vessel Examiner Staff Officers. This position is very important to a growing flotilla and requires a dedicated, imaginative, and industrious individual.

PUBLIC EDUCATION (FSO-PE). This officer is responsible for administering and scheduling public education courses. Such work includes getting class space, instructors, and course materials. The FSO-PE must work with the FSO-MT to ensure properly trained instructors are available for the flotilla. This staff officer also coordinates with the Public Affairs Staff Officer (FSO-PA) for advanced publicity for the public education courses.

OPERATIONS (FSO-OP). The Operations Staff Officer is responsible for getting facilities and crews to meet the patrol activity requested by the Coast Guard. The FSO-OP must also work with the FSO-MT to be sure properly trained members are available to conduct the desired patrols.

COMMUNICATIONS (FSO-CM). This officer is primarily concerned with Auxiliary fixed land and land mobile radio facilities. The duties include the annual inspection of these facilities and their proper operation. The FSO-CM works with the FSO-MT to have the Communication Specialty Course (AUXCOM) taught to those desiring to participate in Auxiliary communications.

MARINE SAFETY (FSO-MS). This Staff Officer arranges for the flotilla to provide assistance, as needed, to the USCG Marine Safety Offices for Marine Safety and Environmental Protection. Working in cooperation with OP, PE, PA, CM, and MT to assist in presenting MSEP workshops, seminars, and training sessions, by bringing all MSEP information to the attention of the membership. In addition, encourage public outreach in such areas as Sea Partners.

VESSEL EXAMINER (FSO-VE). The FSO-VE is responsible for administering the flotilla’s Vessel Examiner (VE) Program. This effort includes scheduling VSC stations, particularly during VSC month. The FSO-VE works with the FSO-MT to be sure that properly trained Vessel Examiners are available for the flotilla. The FSO-VE coordinates with the Public Affairs Staff Officer (FSO-PA) for advance publicity about the VE Program and the VSC station schedule. The FSO-VE aids the FSO-OP to have all vessel facilities inspected before the district facility inspection deadline.