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The Whittier Flotilla Caboose Library – New Lending Policy

Who reads books in the summer?   If you’re like me, you’d rather be reading books during the winter and boating in PWS in the summer.   So what good is the Caboose PWS Library to the Whittier Flotilla members?  Well a change is about to occur!   A wintertime lending program is now being instituted. 


Below is a list of the Caboose library books that will be available to lend to the Whittier Flotilla members during the winter non-boating season.   The lending policy is as follows:

1.     Prior to a monthly flotilla meeting (October to April), notify John or Sue Whitney, (sue.r.whitney@gmail.com) which book(s) you are interested in borrowing.

2.     The books will be exchanged at the meeting and only at the meeting.

3.     The check-out period will be one month.   A book should be returned at the next regular flotilla


4.     Strongly consider writing your own book review for the Flotilla Newsletter

5.     Oh!  If too many want the same book, it will go to the highest bidder. 

Books and References (emphasizing Prince William Sound) Contained in the

Whittier Flotilla Caboose Library  



1. Prince William Sound - West, Chugach National Forest,  Trails Illustrated Topo Maps

2.  Prince William Sound - East, Chugach National Forest,  Trails Illustrated National Geographic Maps

3.  A Cruising Guide to Prince William Sound, 1998, Jim and Nancy Lethcoe

3a. A Cruising Guide to Prince William Sound, 5th edition. 2009, Jim and Nancy Lethcoe.

4.  Alaska Atlas and Gazetteer,  Delorme Mapping

5.  Recreational Boaters Nautical Atlas for PWS  by The Map Place     

6.  Guide to the Birds of Alaska (updated), 1995,  by Robert H. Armstrong

7.  Alaska’s Fish, A Guide to Selected Species,  Robert  Armstrong

8.   How to Catch Trophy Halibut:  Proven Tips, Techniques And Strategies of the Experts, 1996, Christopher Batin and Terry Rudnick   

9.  Guide to Marine Mammals of Alaska, UAF/Ak Sea Grant

10.  Alaska’s Seashore Creatures,    Conrad Field

11. Gold Panning, by Joseph Kurtak

12.  Guide to the Glaciers of Prince William Sound, Nancy Lethcoe

13.  Geology of Prince William Sound, Jim Lethcoe

14.  Of Rock & Ice by Joseph Kurtak

15.  Alaska’s Wild Berries,  Verna Pratt

16.  Field Guide to Alaskan Wildflowers,  Verna Pratt

17.  Alaska Trees and Shrubs, Viereck and Little

18.  Killer Whales of Prince Wiliam Sound by Craig Matkin

19.  Sea Otters ,    Roy  Nickerson

20.  Mac’s Field Guide to Northwest Coast Water Birds, The Mountaineers

21.  Alaska Cloud & Weather Field Guide,    Jim Green

22. Alaska’s Prince Wiliam Sound:  A Traveler’s Guide,  Marybeth Holleman

23. Coastal Resources and Areas of Public Concern:  Prince William Sound, Alyeska Pipeline

24. Alaska’s Saltwater Fishes and other Sea Life, Doyne W. Kessler

25. Birds of North America, A Guide to Field Identification, C.S. Robbins, B. Bruun, H. S. Zim and A. Singer

26.  The Weather and Climate of Prince William Sound,  Jim Lethcoe



31.  The American Practical Navigator, Bowditch

32.  United States Coast Pilot #9

33.  Light List, Volume VI, Pacific Coast and Pacific Islands

34.  Small Fishing Vessel Safety Manual,  Canada Coast Guard

35.  Water Wise, Jerry Dzugan and Susan Clark

36.  Waterway Management  - A Guide for Multiple Use;  U.S. Coast Guard

37.  Fishing Vessel Safety,  National Research Council

38.  An Introduction to Fishing Vessel Stability,  Canada

39.  Safe Boating Guide,  Canadian Coast Guard

40.  Beating the Odds on the North Pacific,  ed. Susan Clark Jensen

41.  A Best Practices Guide to Vessel Stability,  U.S. Coast Guard

42.  Boats of Alaska ,  Harry Walker

43. Beating the Odds on Northern Waters – A Guide to Fishing  Safety,  Susan Jensen and Jerry Dzugan

44.  Chapman Piloting – Seamanship & Boat Handling, 63rd edition. Elbert S. Maloney

45.  GPS Made Easy,  4th Edition, Lawrence Letham

46.  The Right Boat for You,  Bill Robinson

47. Rescues at Sea. Guide to Helicopter Rescues and Dewatering Pumps. (24 min DVD).

48. Seaworthy. Essential Lessons, from Boat US's 20-year Case File of Things Gone Wrong. By Robert A Adriance.


51. Trailing and Camping in Alaska, Addison Powell

52.  Where the Sea Breaks its Back,  Corey Ford

53. Gold Hunters in Alaska, Charles Margeson

54. Valdez Gold Rush Trails of 1898-99, Jim and Nancy Lethcoe

55.A History of Prince Willam Sound, Alaska, 1994, Jim and Nancy Lethcoe

56.  The Copper Spike,  Lone Jansen

57. The Strangest Town in Alaska, History of Whittier and Portage Valley, 2000,  Alan Taylor

58. .The Myth of the “Pristine Environment”:  Past Human Impacts in Prince William Sound and the Northern Gulf of Alaska, Chris Wooley

59.     I Wanted to be a Fur Farmer, Nelson J. McCrary

60.     Eyak Legends of the Copper River Delta, Alaska, John F.C. Johnson

93. U.S. Coast Pilot – Alaska, First Edition, 1916

94. U.S. Coast Pilot – Alaska, Third Edition, 1931

95. U.S. Coast Pilot – Alaska, Fourth Edition, 1938

96. U.S. Coast Pilot – Alaska, Fifth Edition, 1947  

97. U.S. Coast Pilot – Alaska, Sixth Edition, 1954  

98. U.S. Coast Pilot – Alaska, Seventh Edition, 1964

99. Icebound Empire, Industry and Politics on the Last Frontier, 1898-1938, Elizabeth A. Tower  

100. Kennecott Kids, Interviews with the Children of Kennecott, Two Volumes, National Park Service, 2001.

101. The Ellamar District, Alaska, Bulletin 605, U.S. Geological Survey, 1915.

102.  KATALLA TO PRUDHOE BAY, Petroleum News, Alaska
103.  Looking Far North – The Harriman expedition to Alaska, 1899,  William H. Goetzmann & Kay Sloan
104.   ALASKA 1899, Essays from the Harriman Expedition, George B. Grinnell
106.  A Journey through Prince William Sound, T. Hughes, L. Beck & L. Turner
107.  On the Move – The Alaska Pipeline,  Robert H. Redding
108.  The Opening of a New Landscape, Columbia Glacier at Mid-retreat, W. Tad Pfeffer


PWS 1989 OIL SPILL - Green Dot Series

61.  Restoring Alaska, Legacy of an Oil Spill, Alaska Geographic;

62.  Degrees of Disaster, Jeff Wheelwright

63.  Cleaning up:  The Story behind the Biggest Legal Bonanza,  David Lebedoff

64.  Tanker on the Rocks, Dick Reichman

65.  Out of the Channel,       John Keeble

66.  Legacy of an Oil Spill - 10 Years After, Exxon Valdez,  Abstracts,

        Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council

67. Several Brochures and Pamphlets published by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council and by

the U.S. Forest Service

68. Black Tides – The Alaska Oil Spill, Brian O’Donoghue

69. The Spill. Personal Stories from The Exxon Valdez Disaster. 2009 Sharon Bushell and Stan Jones


71.  Paradise of the North - Alaska’s Prince William Sound,  Photography by Alissa Crandall, Text by

Gloria J. Maschmeyer & John Wedin

72.  Prince William Sound, Alaska Geographic Society

73.  8.6 - The Great Alaskan Earthquake, Stan  Cohen

74.  Outhouses of Alaska, Harry M. Walker

75.  Aurora Borealis - A photo Memory

76.  Portrait of Alaska’s Wildlife, Tom Walker

77.  One Man’s Gold Rush, Morgan and Hegg

78. Exploring Alaska’s Birds, Alaska Geographic

105.  Where Mountains Meet the Sea, Alaska’s Gulf Coast, Alaska Geograph, Vol 13,    #1, 1986.


THE 1964 EARTHQUAKE- Pink Dot Series

62. Degrees of Disaster, Jeff Wheelwright

73. 8.6 - The Great Alaskan Earthquake, Stan  Cohen

92,  The Alaska Earthquake – Effects on Communities, USGS Professional Paper 542-C, three volumes. 

108. The Opening of the New Landscape, Columbia Glacier at Mid -retreat. 2007. W. Tad Pfeffer

73.  8.6 - The Great Alaskan Earthquake, Stan Cohen
108.  The Alaska Earthquake, March 27, 1964 – Regional Effects & Gravity Survey of Epicentral Region,  USGS Professional Paper 543-C
109.  The PWS, AK, Earthquake of 1964 and Aftershocks,



81.  Valiant Lancer of PWS,  Athena Lethcoe

82.  Arctic Environmental Atlas , Office of Naval Research

83.  Weather for Dummies,  John Cox

84.  The Alaska Almanac, Fact about Alaska, 25th Edition, 2001, Alaska Northwest Books

85.  The U.S. Coast Guard,  Nancy Ferrell

86.  Emergency Medicine,  American College of Emergency Physicians

87.  Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured , American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

88.  Pilothouse Guide, Alaska Fisherman’s Journal, May, 2000

89.  Royal National Lifeboat Institution Course in First Aid

90.  Strange Stories of Alaska and the Yukon,  Ed Ferrell

91. Habitats of Change – Alaskan Poems,  Nancy Lethcoe

116. Flotsametrics and the Floating World. How one man's obsession with runaway sneakers and rubber ducks revolutionized ocean science. 2009. Curtis Ebbesmeyer and Eric Scigliano.

111.  DO YOU KNOW?  Nature Essays on PWS, Alaska, Cecil Lee Shumaker
112.  Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment 2009 Report,  Arctic Council

113.   Attu Boy, by Nick Golodoff.

114.  Lost Villages of the Eastern Aleutians, Biorka-Kashega-Makushin,

 by Ray Hudson and Rachel Mason. 

115.  Tunnel Vision, the Life of a Copper Prospector in the Nizina River Country,

by Katherine Ringsmuth, The National Park Service.





The Prince William Sound Caboose Library is dedicated to the memory of Jack Jessee, a 25 year member of the Whittier Flotilla, USCGAuxiliary. He passed on in 2002. 



Jack Jessie


“We salute you, Jack.  You have been a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration to all of us in the Whittier Flotilla.  You probably knew more about Prince William Sound than the entirety of the Flotilla, and you shared your wisdom and knowledge of the Sound so that others may benefit.  As a result, it is only appropriate that we dedicate this Prince William Sound library to you, Jack.  You will live in our memories forever.”